Ways to remember your loved ones after they passed

Ways to remember your loved ones after they passed

Ways to remember your loved ones after they passed

Losing someone we love is one of the most tragic and heartbreaking events we will ever face in life. Sometimes we take for granted that they will always be there, right here next to us, but unfortunately, that is not the reality. When we experience the sudden loss of someone we love and care about, it often feels like the world around us is collapsing. Yes, death deprives us of a loved one’s physical presence. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t hold on to the memories and keep them in our hearts forever. Their memory never needs to die.

Below you can find several ways, rituals, and traditions for remembering and honouring someone that passed. Those ways might be painful and sad to you, but they also help you heal and grow from that loss.

Set up a permanent memorial that you can visit

If you are grieving because of a death, it often helps to have a place to go where you can feel close to the person you have lost. For many people, that place is a gravesite or memorial. But you can also pick a different spot. Whether it is a location that reminds you of the person you have lost, a memorial tree you have planted, or a bench you installed.

Celebrate your loved one’s birthday

Birthdays of the deceased are often difficult. But they don’t have to be. Taking a few moments to be thankful for all the good times you shared, the good life they lived, and the many positive ways they impacted you can be beautiful and healing.

Plan a funeral ceremony

Saying goodbye to someone we have lost never comes easy, but it is necessary to move on. A funeral ceremony may provide family and friends with a sense of comfort and closure. Furthermore, it is a way to celebrate the life of your loved one. Spending the last journey together and paying the final respects until they reached their final resting place is part of grieving and healing.

Host a memorial dinner

Whether it is the birthday, anniversary, name day, or Mother’s Day – Pick a special day to honour your loved one with friends or family. Go to their favourite restaurant or host a dinner with their favourite dishes. Think about how they would want you all to be happy. So be happy and celebrate.

Get involved

Is there a particular charity or organisation that your loved one favoured? If yes, you could get involved and continue their legacy. If no, think about what they enjoyed. If they were a caretaker or teacher, help children in need by volunteering or by giving donations.

Lighting a candle

Lighting a candle is something which has been done for many years. Lighting a candle is a simple, easy way to feel peace and connection. This celebrates the life of a loved one while also reflecting on your own memories.


Being sad and broken is completely normal whenever we experience death. Give yourself time to grieve and heal. But do not get stuck being sad. Think back to the time you spent together over the years. Think of all the fun, laughter, and kindness! Remembering a loved one doesn’t necessarily need to end at the funeral. It can go on as long as you want it to go on.

Jon Matson-Higgins, Minister and Celebrant, aims to give each family the option to say goodbye to their loved one in any way they see fit. I can advise and help give you options, or we can simply honour your requests and do everything we can to help you achieve the ceremony and service you feel is appropriate for your family. ​

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