Memorial Ideas

Memorial Ideas

​When we lose a loved one, the grieving process can be extremely painful. The healing process is the hardest and sometimes the most painful part of losing someone, and we grieve because we loved that person.

One of the toughest parts of losing someone is the void which they leave behind – that may be a weekly Sunday afternoon visit, a quick coffee here and there or a full life spent together.

Remembering a loved one who has passed away is an important part of the grieving process and can go some way to help fill this gap. Memories are good to have, but over time it may become more difficult to remember the person. This can be especially true for children, who may not remember a grandparent or parent who passed away when they were young.

One of the best ways to ensure someone who has passed away will be remembered long into the future, is by creating a memorial.

There are so many things which can be done to help memorialise a loved one.

Memory bear

A loving tribute memorial book

Our new mobile app allows you to create, share and manage condolence books from the comfort of your phone. Giving you the ability to invite family and friends to add their messages from all over the world, collecting treasured memories and photographs, that you might not have otherwise had access to. Guests can take time adding their messages, making for far more meaningful entries.

Once your book is full, we will print and deliver straight to your door. We believe our books to be a wonderful keepsake, in which you can treasure for years to come.

To download, simply scan the QR code shown opposite or download additional information by clicking here.

Keeping the memories of your loved one alive, captured on paper for all of time.

Remembrance teddy

Everyone loves a cuddle, and it’s very often the thing we miss most when a loved one has passed away. A number of companies will produce a teddy bear made of the clothes from your loved one. This is a lovely keep sake, which is great for adults as well as children.

Memory bear
Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins

A memorial plaque or headstone

Even if your loved one has been cremated this doesn’t mean that they can’t have a physical location that can be visited. The memorial plaque or headstone can be placed in a cemetery, with the ashes interned at the same location. This gives you and future generations a place to go and reflect.

An urn

If the person or family of the deceased person opted for cremation, then retaining their ashes is a way of ensuring that they can still be part of people’s lives even though they have moved on. The most common way of retaining ashes is to display them in an urn. Urns are a traditional way of creating a memorial if there isn’t a headstone or grave that can be visited, plus it can be moved around much easier, for example, if the family moves to a different house or part of the country.

Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins
Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins

A memorial photo

By choosing a favourite photograph and having it framed can be a simple way of creating a memorial. Try choosing a photograph taken on a particularly happy or memorable day, or one that also includes other special people such as friends or family members.

 A special location

Picking a nice view, a spot where your loved one liked to spend time or a quiet and peaceful location that can be visited by other friends or family members is a great way to remember a loved one. You could meet up on anniversaries, birthdays or other memorable days to remember and reflect.

Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins
Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins

Plant a tree

Planting a tree is perfect for environmentally conscious people as well as being a nice way to create a lasting memorial that loved ones will be able to visit for many years to come. A plaque placed next to the tree is a nice way of letting people know that the tree has been planted in someone’s memory.

Garden statues

Place a statue in your garden so each time you see this, you remember your loved one. In some cemeteries you are allowed to place a small solar light next to the headstone, placing a duplicate light in your garden and family members gardens means that you are always in each other’s thought.

Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins
Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins

A park bench and plaque

Park benches have become a popular way of creating a memorial in a spot that was particularly special to a loved one being remembered. These are often placed at golf clubs, parks and national trust homes. It is important that you check with the local council or the owner of the land before you purchase and place the bench.

A charitable donation

Doing something to help others is a popular wish in many people’s final requests and can even be included as part of the will. However, this could also become part of the memorial itself. If money isn’t readily available, then relatives or friends could always offer to volunteer at a place or organisation which was important to the loved one.

Sussex and Surrey Celebrant - Jon Matson-Higgins

Creating a lasting memorial doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated. Creating a place where you can remember your loved one can be done with anything or anywhere. It is down to you and what feels right at the time.

Always remember that when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

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