Other Wedding Ceremonies

The Candle Ceremony

The candle unity ceremony involves the main parties, using individual candles which they will in turn use to light one unity candle. Family and friends will then be invited forward to light their own candles from the unity candle flame in a symbolic act of togetherness and the merging of both families. This ceremony is suitable for all civil ceremonies. The Unity Candle Ceremony is often used in naming ceremonies too as a gesture of unity, symbolising that those present will always surround the child(ren) in a circle of love.

The sand ceremony

The sand ceremony (sometimes called the salt ceremony) may be the most well-known wedding unity ceremony. It involves both partners pouring sand into a single container, symbolizing their life-long commitment and the joining of their two lives. Sometimes parents and children and other family members are included as well, to symbolise the blending of families.


Handfasting is so old that its origins can’t be certain. It’s been a tradition for many thousands of years and has been traced back to Celtic and Druid ceremonies. It may even be where the phrases ‘tying the knot’ and ‘bound for life’ originate. In Scotland, a piece of tartan was traditionally used for the handfasting, although it was often used to signify betrothal rather than marriage itself. Handfasting has become popular with couples looking for a more intimate and personalised celebration.

For further information on the colours and the meanings of each colour used during this ceremony please click here.

Flower ceremony

A Flower ceremony is a unity ritual between just the bride and groom with each placing a Flower into a vase. This wedding ritual is particularly fitting for subsequent marriages when blended families are involved. Each individual adds a flower to a vase while the celebrant talks about the joys and challenges of blending families together. While the guests are coming forward to place their flowers into the vase, it could be a wonderful time to incorporate some music into the ceremony.

Quaich ceremony

A Quaich ceremony is a Scottish traditional two-handled cup.  The Quaich is often referred to as the loving cup as you each take a handle to take a drink, showing you trust one another to share the cup. You can fill the cup with a drink of your choice, usually, whisky or you can combine two drinks symbolising the two of you becoming one.

Other ceremonies

Crystal ceremony

Hand washing ceremony

Ring warming ceremony

Rose ceremony

Last kiss and first kiss Ceremony

Oathing stone ceremony

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