Frequently Asked Questions

What is an independent celebrant?

An Independent Celebrant is a professional ceremonialist who is able to plan, write and deliver a ceremony without the need for a minister of religion, though can be used in conjunction with a religious ceremony.

What is a non-denominational minister?

As a non-denominational minister, I hold no connection with the recognised denominations and mainline churches such as The Church of England, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Lutheran, or Methodist churches. Church denominations are larger organisations that hold a particular identity, set of beliefs, and traditions.

For further information on my non-denominational ministry please click here.

What qualifications do you have?

I am a full time experienced and qualified celebrant holding an NOCN Level 3 Certificate in Civil Celebrancy. Partnered with being a non-denominational minister. For further information on my non-denominational ministry please click here.

My Continual Professional development is ongoing to keep up with societal and legal changes.

  • I am a fully qualified teacher and have worked in event management and community projects for a number of years.
  • I am also trained in end of life and palliative care.
  • I am a dementia friend trained by the Alzheimer’s society
  • I have also completed a COVID-19 Awareness course, an online Funeral Services Business course and an online Funeral Service Management course.
  • I am registered with Wesley media and Obitus.
Are you a member of any professional bodies?

Through my membership of the Association of Independent Celebrants (AOIC) I am also a member of the SAIF, Independent Funeral Directors, the National Association of Funeral Directors and the Wedding Celebrancy Commission.

  • I have adopted The Celebrant Accord as set by the Funeral Celebrancy Council.
  • I am a registered supporter of Dying Matters.
What days and times are you available?

Ceremonies can be held at any time, day, evenings and weekends, depending which ceremony it is and venue time constraints.

Do you plan the whole event?

No, as your Minister or Celebrant, I am only responsible for the ceremony content but will work closely with your event organiser or planner, be it a professional planner, yourself, a family member or a friend who is the lead planner. I will work with the Funeral Director for a funeral or cremation.

Are you affiliated with a specific Funeral Director or Crematorium?

No, I am an Independent Minister and Celebrant and work with any Funeral Director and Crematorium. You must inform your chosen Funeral Director if you want me to be your Minister or Celebrant. I will liaise with your chosen Funeral Director to establish a date and time availability.

Are you affiliated with any specific wedding venues?

No, I am an Independent Minister and Celebrant and work with any venue or wedding planner. I will liaise with your chosen wedding planner to establish a date and time availability to meet up and go through the plans.

What religion do you work with?

I am not affiliated with a particular belief and work with and welcome all religions, faiths, and customs, as well as humanists and non-believers.

Flexibility is important, and I am happy to incorporate elements of your religion into the ceremony. Cross-cultural traditions, hymns, prayers and other religious observations can be included.

I will be guided by your beliefs and wishes.

What is involved in creating a ceremony?

For any ceremony, planning is always important. The brief itinerary below can be as flexible as you want.

  • Initial contact – may be phone, email or video call
  • Visit – this could be at your home or location/venue to discuss the ceremony details, structure and the script I write. Your thoughts and ideas are important to make the script special and unique
  • Script writing – I will forward a copy for you to review, and make changes if required.
  • Check in/s – call, email or video call a day or two before the ceremony. Interaction throughout the process is essential to make the whole experience a positive and memorable one
  • The ceremony

Additional visits and contact may also be required and can be arranged if needed.

Is your script the same for everyone?

Definitely not. Your script will be written to suit the occasion and the person/people for whom the ceremony is for. I will use the details you give me from the first point of contact and meeting/s to create something unique. Once complete I will send a copy for you to review. You can advise of changes you may want to make, with the final version ready for the day of the ceremony. It will be delivered expertly in a professional and appropriate manner befitting the occasion.

Who will conduct the ceremony?

I will. In the unlikely event of an unforeseen circumstance, I will arrange for another Celebrant to conduct the service. The replacement celebrant would be highly trained and would have followed the same training I have followed and will be a member of the AOIC, The Association of Independent Celebrants. 

Will the script be lengthy and serious?

The script is personalised for you and your ceremony, it can be serious, thought provoking, humorous or themed. It is important to remember this is about you, and what you want, I will be flexible to fit in with your wishes.

The length of the script will vary according to the venue’s time constraints and what else is involved in your ceremony and our day.

Can I have a copy of the final script/readings as a keepsake?

Of course, this will be given to you in a professional wallet for you to keep.

Can you marry us?

At the current time, sadly not. If you’re getting married, the legal part of a marriage ‘the paperwork’ and the declaratory and contracting words must be said in a Registry Office or licenced venue in front of a registrar or minister for it to be legal and a marriage certificate issued. This can happen before or after your wedding ceremony on a day of your choosing. Remember, you don’t need to exchange rings or say your vows to legally marry so you can save this part for the celebrant led ceremony.

What rituals can be added to the ceremony?

Any ritual can be added into any ceremony, this is down to personal choice. Please see my ritual page for a basic list on what can be added into the ceremony whether it’s a funeral, a wedding or a naming ceremony. Please click here to be taken to my ritual page.

Where will the ceremony be held?

The location, venue and time is for you to choose and organise. Ceremonies can also take place in outside locations such as your home/garden, park, beach, the list is endless.

What areas do you cover?

The main areas I cover are Sussex and Surrey, however travel outside of these areas is also possible with special arrangement.

How much will it cost?

Please refer to my fee page for a list of starting fees, Please click here. There may be additional charges incurred, if for example a request is made for multiple meetings, or for the ceremony to be held outside of my usual travel area, but that will be discussed and agreed at the first meeting. Some people question why the fees are so high for what may only be a 20-minute funeral, or to be at a wedding for a couple of hours. The time spent at the ceremony is the least amount of time a Celebrant spends on each occasion. Researching poems and readings suitable for the day, writing the speech, planning timings, coordinating with your event planner or funeral director can run into many hours. For this reason, my prices reflect the total numbers of hours I will spend to ensure you get the most professional and conscientious service.

How and when do I pay?

Please see the terms and conditions pages. Please click here.

Will you come and meet with us?

I conduct home visits where possible, but sometimes, due to availability, this isn’t always possible. Home visits are conducted during office hours. After this, meetings are held via Zoom, WhatsApp video, or Facetime. My office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

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