Make Your Wedding Unique

Make Your Wedding Unique

How you make your wedding unique for both of you

It used to be the bride’s “job” to plan the wedding. Usually, they enlisted their mothers to help designing it. Men were not supposed to participate. But this is all past. Welcome to 2021!

Nowadays it is very recommended to plan your big day together as a couple. Your wedding belongs to both of you, and it should be unique and special for both of you.

Figuring out the “Heartbeats” of your ceremony

When planning your ceremony, think about what things are important to you both. What makes you feel? What touches your heart? Do you want traditional elements? Do you wish for a religious ceremony? Asking yourselves questions like this will help you determine the overall vibe “heartbeat” of your wedding.

Testing your relationship

Planning a wedding together is beautiful, stressful, exciting, and challenging at the same time. Maybe you are a couple that compromises easily, or you are the opposite. The great thing about planning a wedding together is that you have the opportunity to negotiate through something complex that is worth it. As challenging as it is, at the end of your big day, you will feel proud, happy, and more connected than ever.

Creating a Soundtrack that defines Your Relationship

To make your wedding special, create a soundtrack that defines you. Which are your favourite songs and, what songs remind you of beautiful moments together? What song played when you first kissed? What song did you binge listen to when you travelled the first time? Include music that is meaningful to you.

Hire professionals

Whether it is catering, music, ceremony, or event rentals – Hiring professionals takes a lot of work and stress off your shoulders and will make your wedding as you imagined it to be. You can trust a catering company with good food, the DJ with your music, and the celebrant with customizing your ceremony to be uniquely yours.

Include your loved ones in your ceremony

To include friends and family in your wedding ceremony will warm your heart because they make your wedding personal. Whether it is just the parents, the bridal party, or your closest friends and family – Receiving meaningful wishes from your loved ones on your marriage is truly beautiful and unforgettable.

Incorporate cultural traditions

Two cultures blending into one is always a wonderful moment. Make sure to incorporate your traditions into your wedding. Whether it is a specific dress code, music, food, games, or specific wedding rituals – This will allow you to represent both of you equally. Furthermore, it will make your wedding special – Not only for you but also your guests.


Hopefully, these ideas will help you create a unique and meaningful wedding that you will remember forever. Be sure not to stress yourself out too much. Take it easy, make it a fun, respect each other, and compromise. And do not forget to enjoy, relax, and have fun on your big day!

Sussex and Surrey Celebrant – Jon Matson-Higgins – I will work with you to help plan the service which reflects your individual needs and contains special meaning for you both, celebrating your memorable and unique occasion. Whether you are wishing for a white wedding blessing, or something less conventional, it’s important to us that each couple has and achieves their dream day. A celebrant ceremony can take place anywhere and be designed to suit the individuals concerned.

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