Crystals to Support Stages of Grief

Crystals to Support Stages of Grief

When we lose a loved one, we often go through a process of different emotional, and occasionally physical, reactions.  Sometimes dealing with these emotional changes can be overwhelming and looking for answers can seem like am impossible task.

There are many therapies, support networks, treatments, and tools available to help support you through the course of grieving. You may choose to take a more holistic and spiritual approach to help you, this could include the use of healing crystals.

Crystals work through vibration; they attune to and strengthen the energies of people that they are brought into connection with. Crystals vibrate much higher than human beings, this is because they spend centuries buried in the Earth with minerals and elements, charging with the energy that makes them unique.

Grief has a vibration as well. It vibrates at a lower level, like other lower vibrating emotions such as sadness. To move above this low vibration of grief the energy needs to be raised, and this than can help move us back to a place of optimism and hope.

Here we outline crystals that could support the main stages of grief, to help bring emotional balance, peace and calm when things might just feel too much.

Shock – Mangano Calcite

Mangano calcite connects to angelic realms, and in the process aids to eliminate the effect of trauma and the initial shock of losing a loved one. This crystal will guide the mind to a more logical and understanding place when you might be finding it difficult to comprehend what has happened.

Denial – Lepidolite 

Lepidolite can grant you respite from you mind racing, thanks to its calming effect. Lepidolite invites you gently to do the work you need to do when moving through grief towards acceptance. It invites you to release trauma and suffering and to move towards a place of deeper healing on this complicated journey. 

Anger – Black Onyx

Black Onyx is used to help release any negative emotions such as anger or resentment, which can prevent healing or our capacity to move. It can absorb all types of negativity, especially the anger we may feel at these challenging times, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual allowing us to let go and move forward into our future with strength and courage.

Depression – Smokey Quartz

Smoky quartz helps overcome grief related emotions through its calming properties, offering a sense of peace and clarity. It is used as a depression aid because of its ability to help us see the bigger picture for growth and healing after loss. The grounding properties of this stone will come in handy during tough times by keeping us from feeling overwhelmed or distracted.

Acceptance – Rose Quartz

In times of grief, you may find you isolate yourself from your friends and family to try and deal with your feelings. Rose quartz can help bring that feeling of love back into your life, helping you feel accepted and supported during this trying time.  Sometimes grief can make us lose track, and sight of ourselves, perhaps not having the motivation to look after yourself as well, Rose Quartz can encourage you to be gentle with yourself and take care of yourself, allowing your heart to release emotional pain, and negative energy. It’s also a beautiful, healing crystal to use for remembering and focusing on loving, fond memories of our loved ones. Rose Quartz opens the heart and can let us see and restore love again.

How can you work with crystal healing energy on your journey through grief?

Using meditation, or time for reflection, maybe just sitting in silence with your crystals, perhaps holding them close while taking some deep, grounding breaths. Allow yourself time for emotional release if necessary, if you feel emotions coming to the surface it is good to let them, the release of emotions can help us move through grief.

Another way you could work with the crystals is by placing them at the four corners of your bed before going to sleep, or on a nightstand near to where you sleep. This will help you find a sense of peace, releasing unwanted energy, and hopefully assisting you with a good night’s sleep.

If sleep is not an issue for you through grief and perhaps you find the days harder to deal with, having these crystals near to you throughout the day will also help, maybe on your desk, or perhaps put them around the house so that you see them throughout the day, reminding you that you have support. Or having a selection of tumble stones in your pocket or bag can mean you have theses supportive energies wherever you go.

And finally, some people choose to wear some of these stones, perhaps around your neck on a necklace for added benefit of always having them close to you.

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